Resume Classification: A Case Study

Challenges Professional recruiters and HR personnel manually review hundreds of resumes.Manual sorting of resumes into categories is inaccurate and time-consuming.No resume summaries are available. Xpertnest’s Solutions A Named Entity Recognizer (NER) was trained to detect key words and key phrases from the resume.Data was annotated for training.The NER used the presence or absence of desired keywords for sorting.Resume summaries were created based on key words and phrases found in the resumes. Value Delivered NER reduced the risk of human error.Summaries enabled HR personnel to review resumes quickly and decide whether candidates were suitable.The client saved time and was able to raise the quality of...

For a Legal Firm: Contract Review Using NLP

Challenges The client, a legal company, wanted to be able to search documents for lease review and due diligence.The system needed to be able to identify the key parameters defined by the legal expert and provide key insights.Automated summaries had to be prepared using parameters such as contract terms, party details, and compensation and liability clauses. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest used Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to train a model on the key parameters to be identified in the documentData was annotated for module training.A solution was implemented to generate summaries of each contract. Value Delivered Accurate summaries of contract information.Minimal human...

For Oil and Gas Sector Client: OCR & NLP for Digitization and Streamlined Workflows

Challenges The client, an energy firm, wanted to be able search contracts, identify key words, and draw connections between documents.The system needed to collect document data.Key phrases and clauses needed to be extracted from the contract.The software had to be able to read and recognize ID documentation. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest built a scraping tool to create a dataset from legal documents on the company website.Software cleaned the images and documents, and annotated them for Named Entity Recognition (NER).NER models were trained using annotated data and ID types for document organization. Value Delivered Faster, more efficient document searching has generated significant savings in time and...

Validation of Satellite Soil Moisture Retrieving Algorithms

Challenges A client in the agricultural sector needed to know whether satellite-retrieved soil moisture data was reliable.The satellite-based soil moisture data was needed to monitor droughts.The soil moisture estimation algorithm needed to be scalable. Xpertnest’s Solutions Retrieved soil moisture data.Took measurements using a Theta Probe instrument in India and COSMOS data in UK.Compared satellite-estimated data to data taken from the field. Value Delivered Found that software algorithms provided soil moisture data with 85-90% accuracy.Validated an algorithm to provide quality soil moisture data sets in any region of the world.

Flood Drainage Study Over a Sub Basin

Challenges Xpertnest was asked to conduct hydrology studies to understand the flood risk and site drainage requirements at project sites.The client needed to be able to identify internal drainage areas and suitable locations to build rainwater harvesting structures. Value Delivered Estimated flood risks on project sites, considering rainfall for 10, 25, 50 and 100 years.Provided the extent of submergence and inundation on the project site during floods, with clear demarcations. Value Delivered Optimal design quality to reduce risks associated with project infrastructure.Improved flood prevention, reducing risk and lowering costs.

Satellite-Estimated Soil Moisture Data

Challenges The agricultural sector in the Indian state of Karnataka required information to deliver timely and adequate irrigation.The information was needed at high granularity and at regular intervals, identifying water stress areas.IoT-based sensors only provide soil moisture data on a point scale while data supplied by drones was not economical. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest estimated soil moisture by combining multiple satellite data sources to improve granularity and provide data at regular intervals.Satellite-estimated soil moisture identified water stress areas at the desired scale, enabling stakeholders to make optimal decisions.The data enabled estimates of historical soil moisture data to predict likely crop yield. Value Delivered Reduced water...

Water Pipeline Network Leak Analysis

Challenges A water utility wanted to identify undermanaged networks, understand behaviour in extreme conditions, and minimize water transmission losses.The utility was hoping to save money by reducing infrastructure.Any changes needed to stop the introduction of pathogens and contaminants from the surrounding network. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest developed a model to calibrate for field conditions the rate of water supply and pressure, the adequacy of infrastructure, and issues of quality.The analysis displayed areas of low and high leakage. Value Delivered The analysis detected dilapidated systems, saving water and energy.The utility was able to implement an efficient maintenance routine, substantially saving resources and finances.

AMS Support for Prisoner Management for an African Country

Challenges A client in an African country wanted a complete offsite Association Management Software solution for managing prisoners.The data system would hold prisoner biometric details and crime information.The solution would enable multivendor development and frequently changing reporting requirements.Major hotfixes would be needed for continuous system functioning. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest created AMS software with balanced onsite support for application management.The system provided root-cause and performance analyses, with continuous improvement.Unnecessary formalities were removed from the system. Value Delivered Improved system integration.Reduced technical issues during maintenance.

AMS Support for Resource Planning at a Major Healthcare Organization

Challenges A major healthcare organization wanted Application Management Support (AMS) for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.More than 200 users use and update the system simultaneously.Patient medical records and financial details needed to be kept in a secure, centralized server.The AMS needed customized modifications and upgrades. Xpertnest’s Solutions An off-site team managed the application, providing root-cause and performance analyses.A new function enabled the client to improve reporting to third-parties such as insurance companies, corporate clients, and government departments.Defined a back-up strategy to ensure security. Value Delivered Reduced instances of technical issues during maintenance.Saved costs with improved reporting.Achieved lowest third-party dispute rate.Defined a strategy for...

GMFB Accounting – A Case study

Challenges Conversion of single entry bookkeeping to double entry accounting of Government Municipal corporation, Corporation & Nagar PalikaSingle entry records are available so only from partial entry we have to complete accounting in double entry system.Complex Accounting of different department of the corporation with different cost center. (E.G - water works department having expenses of salary, vehicles, Drainage department , Fire & Safety department, road and civil work department having same expenditure like salary, etc.)Complex H.R. management (Different department having different staff with categorization of class 1 to class 4 officer with different rule for leave, pension and other retirement...

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