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Putting Technology to Work on the Farm

AgriX brings state-of-the-art technology to rural producers, delivering key agricultural benefits.

  • Solutions based on AI, machine learning, and Big Data

  • Smart processes for precision farming

  • Rapid disease identification

  • Advanced phenotyping data analysis

  • Field and farm image capture

  • Yield measurement and analysis

Complete Detection, Rapid Action

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Automated ear detection at various development stages
Accurate estimates of plant productive stage
Automatic application of fertilizer and pesticides
Identification of major changes in plant phenology
Recommended solutions based on ear detection and counting

AgriX — The Best in the Field

Only AgriX delivers the best high-tech data solution to wheat and rice growers around the world.

Xpertnest Gamaya SatSure Cropin Tartansense
Key Focus
Xpertnest Phenotyping facilities, government industries & Indian farmers
Gamaya Brazilian & Ukrainian farmers
SatSure Banking, insurance, and other Industries
Cropin Farmers & corporations
Tartansense Farmers
Crop Types
Xpertnest Wheat & Rice
Gamaya Sugarcane & soybean
SatSure Not specified
Cropin Not specified
Tartansense Cotton
*Hyperspectral Technology
Xpertnest Yes
Gamaya Yes
SatSure No
Cropin No
Tartansense No
**Precision farming tool
Xpertnest Yes
Gamaya Yes
SatSure No
Cropin No
Tartansense No
Funding Raised
Xpertnest In Process
Gamaya $ 7.4M
SatSure Information not available
Cropin $ 12 M
Tartansense $ 2 M
Land & Irrigation advisory
Xpertnest Automated with image processing
Gamaya Automated with image processing
SatSure No
Cropin Manual with field agent
Tartansense Yes
***Crop planning
Xpertnest Yes
Gamaya Yes
SatSure No
Cropin No
Tartansense No
Big Data Analysis
Xpertnest Yes
Gamaya Yes
SatSure No
Cropin Yes
Tartansense No

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