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Maintain, optimize, and innovate

Xpertnest’s Value-Driven AMS

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Setting The Mission

Managing IT applications demands planning and strategy. We set the goals that provide the direction for all other elements.


Sustainable Value

Xpertnest delivers a full suite of Application Management Services covering maintenance, optimization, and innovation.

Performance Benchmarking

Continuous Improvement

our Application Management Services constantly check performance and make improvements, enhancing applications and reducing management costs.

Governance and Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

We develop and implement actionable risk mitigation strategies, and monitor metrics. You get the right balance of high performance and minimal risk.

Service Desk

24/7 Service

Our help desk is open 24/7, ensuring a guaranteed, immediate response to any critical issues.


Getting It Done, Always

We continuously deploy a dedicated, experienced team and all the resources needed to support and manage your application.

AMS Implementation

Xpertnest provides full lifecycle Application Management Systems, covering the entire process from upfront advisory services through application optimization and innovation.

Application Management Systems Strategy

Our Xpertnest team will help you define your AMS strategy to support your business.

  • Set the goals for your applications
  • Select the tools and software for your needs
  • Design the infrastructure to optimize performance
Platform Optimization & Innovation

We implement a standard methodology and integrated toolkit to accelerate the build, configuration, and execution of AMS.

  • Deepen user engagement
  • Upgrade technology
  • Manage an entire application portfolio
Risk Mitigation & App Evolution

We optimize the ROI of your existing applications, and deliver innovation to improve your outcomes.

  • Review your applications
  • Improve your processes
  • Implement enhancements to functionality and reliability
Application Profiling & Support

We profile the application to determine the support you need and help manage change.

  • Manage continuous services
  • Review incidents and resolve issues
  • Implement change for constant improvement
Application Maintenance & Monitoring

Our experienced team of AMS professionals will co-ordinate closely with your business to manage and monitor your applications.

  • Respond to problems and quickly resolve issues
  • Manage databases
  • Implement continuous technical improvements

AMS Engagement Structure

We design an AMS engagement structure to meet the objectives, capabilities, and requirements of the client. Choose from four service options

Resourcing Support


Xpertnest provides skilled resources. The client manages the application as per their work schedule .


Quick to implement and fills gaps in current support systems.

Suitable For…

Businesses with changing requirements and undefined tasks where adhoc activities are required

Fee Structure

Fixed fees based on resources needed

Joint Management


The Xpertnest team works with the client to define the scope of an AMS structure with joint responsibility.


Cost savings through outsourced services.


Suitable For…

Businesses that want to outsource non-strategic application management.


Fee Structure

Fixed fees based on services with defined scope.

Managed Outsourcing


Xpertnest is responsible for defined deliverables in collaboration with the client to manage work.


A combination of hands-free outsourcing and close collaboration.

Suitable For…

Businesses that want to offload some AMS responsibility while retaining control over some functions.

Fee Structure

SLA-based fees


Complete Outsourcing


Xpertnest assumes full responsibility for application management. Client intervention is minimal.


Completely hands-free AMS.


Suitable For…

Businesses that want to entirely offload AMS responsibility and know that their applications are always optimized.

Fee Structure

Defined fees with incentives for driven value.

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