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Machine & Deep Learning

At Xpertnest, we develop machine learning solutions to detect patterns and save time. Our mathematical models are continuously tuned as they generate results. You get constant, optimal improvement.

Predictive Analyses

Machine learning can reveal hidden patterns and identify trends. It tunes out the noise to reveal market flows and the next opportunity. We can’t tell the future but we can make analytical predictions.


“Bots” perform routine business processes by mimicking how people interact with software applications. You’ll be able to increase automation, raise testing, improve your marketing, and enhance your customer service without expanding your workforce.

Advance Analytics

Artificial Intelligence can extract real time Information and deliver constant advanced analytics. Your data is always flowing so your calculations, analyses, and learning should be equally relentless. Our customised AI algorithms will ensure that your decisions are always made with the best intelligence.

Automatic Language Translation

AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) can deliver automatic translations of handwritten text and words in images. With AI and machine learning, language is no longer a barrier for international organizations.

Human Gesture Recognition

Mathematical algorithms can turn human gestures into natural and instinctive operating instructions. Make complex machinery easier to use, broaden access, and develop a new form of user/machine interface that makes technology friendlier and less prone to error.

Natural Language Processing

Our Natural Language Engine uses machine learning to understand written text and extract submitted information. Customers get a natural interaction with technology and businesses gain greater understanding and deeper engagement.

Image & Video Processing

Computer vision analyses even complex images . Whether you need to identify people, products, or shapes in video and pictures, artificial intelligence can learn what you’re looking for and find what you need.


What AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Can Do For You

Facial recognition systems provide 1:1 and 1:N matching to confirm identities and manage access.

  • Track suspects and criminals
  • Restrict access to premises and secure areas
  • Maintain and monitor attendance

An automated microscope generates grids of partially overlapping images for stitching into a single large picture.

  • Conduct time-lapse studies of cell cultures.
  • Seamlessly join datasets
  • Create accurate panoramic images

ANPR systems detect the numbers on vehicle number plates and recognize characters using Optical Character Recognition.

  • Maintain vehicle records and automatically track vehicles
  • Detect rule violations and issue penalties
  • Automate toll collection and parking fees

The analysis and interpretation of textual data in images and video enables the extraction of useful information for automatic annotation, indexing, and image structuring.

  • Automate the processing of bank cheques
  • Read, store, and mine healthcare records
  • Calculation marks from OCR answer sheets

The project focuses on assessment of various objects present on the road with geo tagging. The idea behind to reduce efforts of manual observation by transport department of North Carolina, Florida, California, and Utah states of the USA. ​

​Here, more than 100 objects like traffic signs, road signs, hoardings, lane lines, potholes, cracks are assessed and feedback provided to department in order to keep road infrastructure condition in better manner. ​

​We have used advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms to achieve better results.

  • The goal of the project to help transport department with analytics of vehicles passing through each lanes on various highways. The analytics helps to determine planning and maintenance. ​
  • We have used different deep learning models and object tracking method to find the direction of vehicles and counting.​
  • This application helps transport department for traffic analysis and rule violations etc.​

  • The exercise is very important part of daily fitness routine. To maintain the routine and transform the way of doing exercise with help of AI based pose estimation deep learning algorithms. ​
  • The innovative idea is all about transforming user experience with live feedback and score with peer comparison to keep improving exercise. ​
  • The app also allows to customize exercise and keep engaged people by challenging friends on social media.
  • The project is aimed to recognize texts from contract documents and find key information using natural language processing models.​
  • This project allows to scan and analyze contracts clauses in such a way that it will help to identify which party has most clauses in their favor. ​
  • The project is supposed to work at office entrance where employee enters and make sure he/ she is healthy considering COVID situation. Also face recognition is applied to align with health safety checkups. ​​
  • In case of COVID or any unhealthy situations where disease can be spread by human touch, this technology provides touchless solution.

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