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Case Management AI Solution

NeoClaim enables organizations to streamline their processes. It maintains records, tracks workflow, and makes claim management smooth, fast, and efficient.

Claim Management

NeoClaim is simple to use and easy to integrate. Configure your approval process and customize document requirements to allow claimants to file on a branded web page. Our end-to-end management process covers every aspect of claim management, including document collection, workflow, case assignment, and communication history with a complete audit trail.

File Management

Keep all your files and records organised in a secure, searchable database. NeoClaim lets you organize, manage, share, and communicate your business-critical information so that it’s always accessible and provides a complete audit log for every file. Our file management system is suitable for organizations of any size.

Workflow Management

NeoClaim’s workflow management tool defines the process of task management, providing complete transparency from assignment to completion. Configure the system to match your business needs, follow the status of tasks and claims, and maintain organizational standards and routines. You’ll get a more efficient team and greater productivity.

Planning and Management

NeoClaim’s planning and management options will let you manage multiple projects and process a stream of claims clearly and easily. Our tracking function shows you the status of each project, letting you identify bottlenecks and ensure that all work is performed on time every time.

Task Management

Use workflow configuration to automatically assign tasks to team members. Track the progress of each task to maximize productivity and ensure the highest levels of customer service.

Cost Monitoring and Management

NeoClaim provides all the space you need to securely store all the data you collect. Our online data storage options include automatic backups to increase reliability and let you rest easy. Your data will always be available.



NeoClaim is 100% cloud-based. There are no capital costs for implementation, hardware, or a specialist IT team. Just register, configure, and start managing your projects. Monitor claims anywhere, anytime.

Secure and Scalable

NeoClaim is secure and scalable. We use multi-layer security to safeguard your data. As your business develops, add users, cases, and claims as needed. We grow as you grow.

Easy Integration

NeoClaim integrates with all major IT platforms. An API allows for two-way data sharing, enabling cross-platform task management and automatic reporting. Continue using your current systems and enjoy all the benefits of NeoClaim’s broad functionality.

Customisable Reporting

We supply automatic reports covering task status, claims, finances, and more. Customized reports will give your organisation all the data it needs exactly when it needs it.

Complete Audit Trail

NeoClaim maintains a complete audit trail for all documentation, communication, task management, and claims. All work performed using the software is trackable and available for review.

Team Access Management

Manage and control user access, and assign roles according to job responsibility. You’ll always be able to control access permissions and safeguard your data.

Powerful Add-ons

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NeoClaim provides all the space you need to securely store all the data you collect. Our online data storage options include automatic backups to increase reliability and let you rest easy. Your data will always be available.

We’ll deliver multiple reports for teams, admins, and managers so that you’ll always be able to evaluate each aspect of your workflow. Customize your own reports to dive into data and generate insights.

NeoClaim lets users automate their workflow by configuring an automatic response for any task. You’ll get a smooth, efficient process with increased transparency and maximum productivity.

Keep all your project and task discussions on NeoClaim. Team members can chat, ask questions, and exchange files. An audit trail lets you keep a record of all team conversations.

NeoClaim includes a configurable check list. Team members can register the completion of a task, providing performance measures and ensuring compliance. You’ll always know which tasks remain to be completed.

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