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Face Recognition for Multiple Industries

Facial Recognition Solutions for real life challenges like video surveillance, access control and marketing. Increase global security through facial recognition technology.


Detects multiple faces in real-time, incorporates on-the-fly video enrolment, identifies previously trained individuals, and facilitates run-time management of alarms and individuals. 

  • Facial recognition for non-crowded environments
  • Excellent performance with partial occlusions of the face, glasses, scarfs, caps, changes of facial expression
  • Works in conditions such as shadows, high contrasts and extreme or poor lighting conditions, and on moderate rotations of the face
  • Works on the move and at a distance, and does not require end-user collaboration.
  • Individuals can be enrolled in the system through a photograph as well as using real time or recorded video.


High-performance software solution for facial recognition, especially designed for the simultaneous identification of subjects in crowded and changeable environments. Works correctly even with partial facial occlusions, use of glasses, handkerchiefs or caps etc.

Works 50 times faster than traditional systems and it is capable of processing very high-resolution video streams.

  • High performance facial recognition for crowded environments
  • Allows facial recognition of multiple faces simultaneously through IP cameras
  • Real-time multicamera analysis
  • Accurate even with lighting changes, face rotations and occlusions
  • 60 Million comparisons per second


Solution that makes it possible to search for a specific subject using facial recognition in one or various recorded videos and images. By working with GPU technology, the software manages to process at a high-speed rate all the images of the analysed video, makes it possible to analyse at speeds faster than real time.

Ideal for forensic analysis or classification of information and, amongst other applications, is used by police forces and intelligence agencies to search for suspects.

  • Allows you to search for a specific subject, through facial recognition, in one or more recorded videos and images
  • Solution for forensic analysis
  • Analysis at faster speeds than in real time


Identify users from access control lists and verify their identity. Access control solution facilitates user management at runtime and allows users to be enrolled on-the-fly by video capture.

The perfect solution to control the access of users to physical locations such as buildings, offices, data centers or restricted security areas.

  • Real time Access Control system, with a search speed of 500,000 faces per second
  • High precision with glasses, mask and sunglasses
  • Detection even with mustache, beard, hair, makeup, hats, etc.
  • Supports different permissions according to their access in restricted areas
  • Modular and scalable software


Face analytics is useful as a means of detecting and identifying an individual, but it is also an excellent tool for learning more about your customers.

It is possible to classify individuals based on their physical appearance and then use that information for interactive, targeted marketing. Provides enormous added value to advertising systems, by assessing the segmentation of the target audience. 

  • Recognizes and classifies visitors and customers by: age, gender, ethnicity, and other physical characteristics
  • Provides demographic statistics: date and time
  • Ideal for targeted advertising, market segmentation or digital signage

Key Features


We take advantage of existing IP cameras to identify people in crowds, at stations and airports, where the risk of criminal incidents is high. Real-time technology, making multiple comparisons per second with large databases.


Recognition of VIP clients, as well as people in watchlists. Collection of user data and profiles to improve customer service and optimize resources. We allow access control using existing cameras in offices and ATMs.


We offer marketing tools that allow users to gather information for segmentation purposes and innovative business strategies, such as targeted advertising. We generate data to determine customer profiles.


We offer marketing tools that allow users to gather information for segmentation purposes and innovative business strategies, such as targeted advertising. We generate data to determine customer profiles.


We improve access for attendees, as well as the monitoring and controlling of security threat. We allow mass registration of clients in a non-invasive way, whilst simultaneously obtaining real-time information on lists of suspects.


We provide accurate identification of blacklisted people and generate new records automatically. We detect frequent thefts and unwanted behavior.


Speed & Accuracy
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