Robotic Process Automation

Save time by automating your tasks

The Benefits of Robotic Process Automation
Cost Effectiveness
Risk Management
Flexibility and Scalability

Automation in Banking

Improve retail banking, manage wealth, and build more efficient capital markets with automation software.

Retail Banking

Automation can increase the speed and efficiency of a range of retail banking services:

  • Register cash and check deposits
  • Complete Know Your Customer and compliance processes
  • Process electronic bill payment and presentment
  • Run credit checks
  • Detect fraud
  • Process loans
  • Manage credit card organisation, disputes, branding, and rewards
Wealth Management

Automation in wealth management gives clients control, increases accountability, and improves performance:

  • Open private client SMA accounts
  • Run a fund performance dashboard
  • See updated Net Asset Values
  • Manage an advisor portal
  • Analyse third party performance and reporting
  • Oversee fund accounting
Capital Markets

Automation drives many of the processes and tools used to keep capital markets thriving:

  • Update a prime brokerage dashboard and hedge fund customer portals
  • Integrate portfolio management
  • Conduct reconciliation
  • Process trade
  • Forecast cash
  • Offer an investment banker portal
  • Receive margin and exception alerts

Automation in Insurance

Create more efficient claims processes, write policies, and manage your payments—automatically

Claim Management

Insurance customers want their claims registered, managed, and assessed quickly and efficiently. Xpertnest’s automation makes all of those functions fast and simple:

  • Create an automatic claim workflow
  • Register and assess claims
  • Recommend automated actions
  • Manage compliance
Policy Administration

Automate policy formulation so that your team can focus on selling contracts and talking to clients:

  • Complete new business applications
  • Underwrite contracts
  • Process payments
  • Formulate policy insurance
Accounting Management

Automate payment and accounting management to improve compliance and enhance client service:

  • Manage payments and issue statements
  • Apply direct billing and automatic collection
  • Produce automated compliance and regulatory reports
  • Manage agency and broker bills

Automation in Back Office Tasks

From accepting orders to issuing receipts, from CRM support to RM&O support, and from workforce management to data analysis, automate your back office tasks for faster processing and deeper engagement.

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Xpertnest’s automated solution can handle orders, stock clinics, manage resources, and ensure that customers and clients always get what they need:

  • Configure and deliver services
  • Stock resources
  • Collect and distribute resource data
  • Manage requisitions

Billing and Invoice

Issuing invoices and paying bills should always happen quickly and reliably. Automated invoicing, receipts, and receivables makes for efficient business processes:

  • Manage and resolve billing enquiries
  • Issue event bills
  • Handle account balances
  • Create invoices and mediate resources
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Customer Service

Customer service requires human interaction but many of the processes can be automated, giving reps less time in front of software and more time with customers.

  • Review resources, services, and performance
  • Track customer retention and loyalty
  • Report and manage problems
  • Manage quality of service

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