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Welcome to Xpertnest's ERP Solutions page! Our comprehensive ERP solutions are designed to help businesses like yours streamline operations, improve visibility, and achieve greater efficiency. Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Our ERP Solutions? Our ERP solutions are flexible, scalable, and customizable to fit your business needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your business requirements and design a solution that meets your specific needs. Our solutions provide real-time insights into your operations, allowing you to make informed decisions and achieve greater efficiency.

Key features of our ERP Solutions


Manufacturing orders
Manage your products into assembly lines
or manual assembly.
Work orders
Launch production of items needed in the
final assembly of your products.
Repair orders
Manage repairs of items under warranty
or as a service.

Use barcode to speed up your manufacturing operations: lot or serial number scanning, start/pause/stop stopwatch, trigger a maintenance request, move to the next step, etc. 

Unbilled orders

Disassemble a finished product and
recuperate components.

Editable MOs

You are now able to consume other products despite what was initially planned and edit MOs once they are done.

Schedule & Plan

Flexible Master Data

Create multi-level Bills of Materials
  • Set a Bill of Materials within another in order to manufacture components of a product in another Bill of Materials.


Optional routing
  • Create new routings for work orders in order to sequence your production depending on the routing used.

Version changes
  • Allow your products to evolve and add configurable options when creating orders.


  • Using the Kit feature, your salesperson will be able to sell products that will be delivered as a set of components to assemble.


Product Life Cycle Management

Smart Versioning

Easily get differences between versions to track changes.



Engineering Changes

Track changes with a great kanban process for ECOs.



Track versions of products and ECO’s as well as their respective documents. Merge different ECO’s corresponding to the same BoM.


Integrated Document Management Store plans and worksheet directly on bill of materials and routings




  • Automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department.


  • Deploy your statistical process control easily with checks.


  • Deep integration with inventory and manufacturing operations.


  • Organize your work using the kanban view of quality alerts.


Automate Preventive Maintenance

Computes standard statistics to help you plan preventive maintenance, including mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR)

Organize Maintenance Request

Easily track the progress of maintenance requests using the kanban view. Use the maintenance calendar to organize and plan activities.​

Corrective Maintenance

Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control center panel.​



Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: MTBF​

WorkCentre Control Panel


Set tablets on every work center to organize their work efficiently.

Record production

Register productions, scan products, lots or serial numbers.


Display worksheets directly on the work center with instructions for the operator.

Misc Operations

Scrap products, create quality alerts, perform checks, right from the work center.


Use alerts to show changes or quality checks to the operator.

Work order steps

Define multiple steps in a work order and link them to worksheet pages: scan a product, take a picture, etc.

Dashboard & Reporting


Get a full upstream traceability report on the components used during the manufacturing process

Cost analysis

Track the cost of each manufacturing order based on the cost of the components and on the cost of your operations


Analyze your work centers loads,
the productivity
losses and track your
overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

And Many More…

Integration with Other
Our ERP solutions are
designed to integrate with other systems you may
be using, such as your CRM or
e-commerce platform.

Implementation Phase

Implementation Strategy

Our data platform helps you aggregate and analyze your organization’s data. You’ll have all the information you need to mitigate risk and identify revenue opportunities.

  • We will Collate all background information and documentation.
  • Design organization workflow. 
  • Analyse business process.
  • We Will develop or configure the system based on the workflow. 
  • System would be completely integrated where all the departments share a common software .
  • We Will design, develop and refine business processes where and if required.
  •  Data Migration from legacy system to the new system. Majorly all the masters.

  • Based on the due diligence we migrate selected modules which are easy to migrate
  • These initial modules are the once which has very low impact or are not part of the automation and are manually managed 

  • Based on the module, we can go for parallel run as well. 
  • That could be any of the following option,
  • New orders, sales, leads, PO goes through new systems. While old system manages existing in progress items. This way we gradually migrates to new system. 
  • Process is executed in parallel in both the system for 1-2 week to get the confidence
  •  We will train your existing staff for the new system, based on the roles & responsibility given by the management.​
  •  From the cut-off date we will go live, stop the legacy system and switch to new ERP.
  • Our Team will provide support for smooth running of ERP. Make few changes if required during the course of support & training. 

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