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Data Management Overview


• Data Management Strategy​

• Data Management Function​

• Funding​


• Governance Management​

• Business Glossary​

• Metadata Management​


• Data Quality Strategy​

• Data Profiling​

• Data Quality Assessment​

• Data Cleansing​

• Data Validity


• Reports and Dashboards​

• Temporal Data Visualization​

• Statistical Data Visualization​

• Hierarchical data visualization​

• Relationship Data visualization​


• Architectural Approach​

• Architectural Standards​

• Data Management Platform​

• Data Integration​

• Historical Data & Archiving​


• Root cause analytics​

• Keep it clean​

• Adhoc data quality request​

• Process Management​

• Process Quality Assurance​


Data Governance

Xpertnest’s data management services cover the complete range of functions and needs required by any business collecting and using data


  • Capturing current state of organization’s data lifecycle.​
  • Dependent business processes and supporting capabilities and data​
  • Data discovery, data profiling, current state of data and processes​
  • CRUD analysis across the data lifecycle​


  • Operationalize and ensure compliance with all data governance policies, business rules, stewardship processes, workflows, and cross-functional roles and responsibilities captured.​
  • Enabling automation of business rules and policies defined .​
  • Operationalize supporting human-centric business and IT workflows.​


  • Document  data definitions and business context.​
  • Business glossary creation, data classification, data relationships​
  • Hierarchy and reference data definitions.​
  • Definitions of supporting business rules and policies and KPIs​

Measure and Monitor

  • Capture and measure the effectiveness and value generated from data governance and stewardship efforts.​
  • Tracking compliance and exceptions to defined policies and rules.​
  • Data quality and policy compliance monitoring​
  • Data lineage analysis for RCA and impact analysis​

Data Governance

Our advanced data visualization service helps glean insights from complex data. We offer analytics services that help enterprises build a strategy for business information management in an intelligent way.

Data Governance

Linear one dimensional visualizations with differing start and finish times,​

  • Time Series​
  • Polar Area Diagrams​
  • Scatter Plots​

Statistical Data Visualization

Multidimensional data elements including numerical and statistical data.​

  • Pie charts​
  • Histograms​
  • Geographical maps​
  • Bubble charts​

Hierarchical data visualization​

Data or objects are ranked and ordered together in an organisation or system.​

  • Circle Packing​
  • Sunburst Diagram​
  • Tree Diagram​
  • Tree map​

Relationship Data visualization​

Relationships between different data sets and analyse the relationship between them.​

  • Chord diagram​
  • Network diagram​
  • Heat map​

Data Architecture

Our data management strategy services help you unlock opportunities from your data by unifying data across the enterprise by developing a single view of data across the organization

Enterprise Data Architecture​

  • Architecture designing​
  • Holistic Information Strategy​
  • Defining  administrative structure to manage data resources​
  • Defining data storage methodology​
  • Capabilities driven architecture​

Data Retention & Preservation​

  • Defining data retention policy​
  • Define data archiving methods​
  • Determining archived data

One truth​

  • Real time data governance​
  • Data Consolidation from different sources​
  • Data quality monitoring and improvement​
  • Master data quality management

360º view of your data​

  • Provide business with end-to-end data visibility from north to south systems​
  • Self service, off-the-shelf reports for business users​
  • Near real time, anytime, anywhere data reporting

Enterprise Data Architecture

  • Architecture designing
  • Holistic Information Strategy
  • Defining administrative structure to manage data resources
  • Defining data storage methodology
  • Capabilities driven architecture

Data Retention & Preservation

  • Defining data retention policy
  • Define data archiving methods
  • Determining archived data

One truth

  • Real time data governance
  • Data Consolidation from different sources
  • Data quality monitoring and improvement
  • Master data quality management

360º view of your data

  • Provide business with end-to-end data visibility from north to south systems
  • Self service, off-the-shelf reports for business users
  • Near real time, anytime, anywhere data reporting

Data Quality

Data Acquisition

  • Identify Key data sources
  • Capture data from various sources
  • Add data to staging area

Data Profiling

  • High level data profiling
  • Data validation against business and process standards

Define & Execute Business rules

  • Data Standardization
  • Defining business and process validations
  • Execution of defined business and process rules
  • Fallout reports

Data Analysis & Investigation

  • Analyze fallout reports
  • Categorize issues and identify possible fixes
  • Define data enrichment strategy

Data Enrichment

  • Automated approach using reference master data or third-party data set
  • Manual data correction by business users

Continuous Improvement

  • Root Cause Analysis (System, Process, Data, People)
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Monitoring and Support

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