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Data Analytics

Our iCare healthcare solution for hospitals, clinics, and medical centres delivers powerful analysis of patient data. Customers can review patient trends, track key rush hour analytics, follow returning patient numbers, and even keep an eye on financial data. By measuring patient serving time, clinics can find the best places to make savings while viewing alerts for negative and positive KPIs.

iCare Puts

Patients and Doctors First

iCare was designed with the patient-doctor relationship in mind. View all patient information by entering a patient ID or scanning a barcode, and generate reports for registration, follow-up, and periodic financial flows. You can even categorise patients by charging status. Careful appointment scheduling optimizes patient flowthrough, while patients can check availability, choose their doctor, and schedule an appointment. Both patients and doctors enjoy more effective decision-making and care planning.

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Finance Facility

iCare’s cashless transaction facility automatically collects charges based on the patient’s treatment and registration category. Clinics can manage different prices according to financial plans and third party pricing, including insurance and government plans. Reports are easily generated organization-wide for any time period for revenues, reimbursements, donations, payables, or transactions. Clinics can track detailed funding information for multiple third-party plans and private-pay sources.


OPD Software

Manage outpatient requirements with automated software that’s easy to configure and simple to use. View a pre-configured list of prescription medicines with a click. Check tests to be performed and medicines needed before an operation. Continuously monitor and compare past results with different medical parameters and track statistics from general OPD, dental, gynaecology, head and neck departments and more. All protocols are based on standard health parameters.

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Pathology with

Configuration &

iCare’s built-in and configurable templates include common parameters for test reports. Simply add the values and follow the prompts for any invalid, missing or unusual information. Enable queuing with a birds-eye view of patients at different stages of treatment, and use simple, formula-based calculations to collect statistics based on report, parameter, and time-period.  Track results of samples collected, checked by technicians, and communicated to patients or doctors.


Pharmacy Management

Verify medications and dosages for accurate dispensing according to pre-defined protocols. Configure custom protocols for chemotherapy and other treatments, and receive automatic alerts for potentially dangerous drug interactions. Comply with all federal, state, and local regulations while purchasing and selling medications. Save costs and time with pre-listed medication based on prescription, requisition, or pre-defined billing criteria.

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iCare’s ward management tool lets hospitals and clinics configure bed and ward management and track key patient care parameters, including:

  • Medical order and medication times
  • Flags, alerts, and precautions
  • Level of care
  • Observation notes
  • Drug-allergy and drug-drug interaction

Administer scheduled medications with a single click and receive alerts for off-schedule and overdue medications. Ward managers can automatically sort PRN medications, access and assign bed status and availability, and create duty schedules for day-care facilities, with patient and noting charts. Effective and customized reports are available for IPD admission, IPD discharge, bed occupancy, and ward occupancy and admission.


Admin Control

Manage user access rights with defined permissions for positions and roles. Arrange shifts, schedules, and access with complete human resource management. Analyse traffic flows, platform usage, and decision-making, and view single-day operation summaries. Incorporate modules to master data configurations and customize the decision approval process.

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Improve decision-making among senior management with a clean and clutter-free UI. Deliver reports to senior staff covering human resource utilization, departmental revenue, and more. Access centralized data in real-time to enable pro-active decision-making and trend analysis by authorized users.

Other Power Addons

Multi-language support
  • iCare supports multiple languages and can be changed with just one click.
  • It supports two languages at present; English and Gujarati
Omnipresent system
  • Remote access solution - iCare can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device with web connectivity.
  • Its UI is designed such that it adjusts on any device whether it be a desktop or a laptop or a tablet or even a mobile phone.
Keyboard-less screen for doctors
  • With just mouse clicks doctors can enter the details of the patient or prescribe medicines to patients

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