Computer Vision Applications

By leveraging our comprehensive video analytics platform's advanced deep learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, law enforcement agencies can protect what matters most. Our goal is to enable both private and public sectors to deliver safer, secure and sustainable cities by reducing the crime rate, spurring economic growth, and enabling situational awareness. By collecting and structuring video data, we will enable law enforcement agencies to visualize and analyze video content efficiently.

Proactive - Situational Awareness: Trigger a call to action based on pre-defined scenario, and enable quick review of the event for accurate threat assessment.
Reactive - Post Event Investigations: Achieve a radically faster time to target by enabling rapid review and granular search of volumes of video especially when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.
Research – Operational Intelligence: Extract and aggregate video metadata such as men, women, children, vehicles, size, color, speed, path, and more, enabling users to quantitatively analyze their video.

Sustainable Smart City Solutions & Applications

Xpertnest offers end-to-end Sustainable Smart City solutions and applications in the expanses of congestion, transport, water management, telecom, garbage recycling, smart farming and more, considering every aspect of a Sustainable Smart City. Our expertise in AI-based Application Development, Data Analytics and IoT, and our experience in cities worldwide enable us to tackle any smart city issue. Our clients receive a blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking that help them define a technology plan to improve their residents' lives.

While we realize that technology can offer solutions to Smart City challenges, we are always aware that if we want to use technology to make the world better, greener, and more prosperous, we need to focus not on technology for technology's sake but on how to solve the needs of real people and their communities. It is that focus on people, communities and the places they work at the heart of everything we do as part of Smart City solutions & applications.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications

Add a layer of technology to your users’ world and give them a fully immersive digital experience.

Through accurate 2D renders and detailed 3D modelling, you’ll be able to give your customers powerful AR and VR applications that enhance their environment and improve their interactions. Whether your business can benefit from intuitive interfaces, virtual walkthroughs, or unforgettable educational experiences talk to us about what AR and VR can do for you.

Reliable Delivery

We know that when you need new technical solutions, you need them now. Our software developers follow an Agile methodology to provide you with working modules as soon as they’re ready without impacting quality. You get immediate benefits followed by a series of data-driven upgrades that keep your business constantly improving and raising its results.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Xpertnest works with clients to improve their performance, enhance their sustainability, and increase their competitiveness.

Our advanced technical skills , our considerable experience in planning development methodologies, and our thorough understanding of industry trends help our clients succeed, whatever their goals.

Top Quality Every Time

Your customers don’t compromise on quality. Neither do we. Our services range from enterprise applications to retail technology. We cover the entire IT value chain, so whether we’re working with an enterprise with millions of customers or an SME with an ambitious growth plan, our standards remain the same. We deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, always.

Standards and Processes

The world of technology relies on accepted standards and tested processes. At Xpertnest, we maintain those standards and use processes that are proven effective. You get transparent, traceable frameworks with full accountability. You’ll be able to easily identify bottlenecks, improve efficiencies, and scale reliably.

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