Satellite-Estimated Soil Moisture Data


  • The agricultural sector in the Indian state of Karnataka required information to deliver timely and adequate irrigation.
  • The information was needed at high granularity and at regular intervals, identifying water stress areas.
  • IoT-based sensors only provide soil moisture data on a point scale while data supplied by drones was not economical.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Xpertnest estimated soil moisture by combining multiple satellite data sources to improve granularity and provide data at regular intervals.
  • Satellite-estimated soil moisture identified water stress areas at the desired scale, enabling stakeholders to make optimal decisions.
  • The data enabled estimates of historical soil moisture data to predict likely crop yield.

Value Delivered

  • Reduced water consumption to improve sustainable use of water resources and energy.
  • 20% improvement in crop productivity as a result of monitoring soil moisture.
  • 80% saving in time spent field scouting.
  • Reduced amount of farm inputs.

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