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Satellite-Estimated Soil Moisture Data

Challenges The agricultural sector in the Indian state of Karnataka required information to deliver timely and adequate irrigation.The information was needed at high granularity and at regular intervals, identifying water stress areas.IoT-based sensors only provide soil moisture data on a point scale while data supplied by drones was not economical. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest estimated soil moisture by combining multiple satellite data sources to improve granularity and provide data at regular intervals.Satellite-estimated soil moisture identified water stress areas at the desired scale, enabling stakeholders to make optimal decisions.The data enabled estimates of historical soil moisture data to predict likely crop yield. Value Delivered Reduced water...

Artificial Intelligence, ai , Augmented & Virtual Reality,ar , vr , Smart City solution ,Data Management , ERP system , Hyper Automation , Product Development

Data Analysis and Visualization of Prisoner Data for an African country

Challenges An African government lacked real-time data analytics of prisoner registration.Data was available locally but was not centralized or in a standard format.The government wanted analytics and reports available on devices including PC, laptop, and mobile. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest produced a variety of reports and analysis with interactive charts.The government was able to see prison population changes, and monthly registrations by gender, age, religion, and offences. Value Delivered The ability to analyse trends and patterns in prisoner and criminal registration.Insight into geographical prisoner origin and regional criminal activities.Universal access using a cloud-based system available on mobile applications.

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Augmented Reality Solution for Telecom Field Engineers in the UK

Challenges Field engineers struggle to find installed devices that are underground or hidden behind trees or other installations.A company in the UK wanted to identify the location of installed network assets and easily review the history of installations and fixes.No prepared solution was available. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest created an AR solution that allowed engineers to open a function or app and, using the location, augment the network onto the screen. The app overlaid and labelled infrastructure on the screen.The solution displayed associated routing detail for each node, such as serving Splitter IDs and spare CBT ports, and highlighted nodes on their route.The...

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