“Unlocking Insights: 5 Real-World Applications of GIS in Business, Government, and Science with Xpertnest’s AI-Enabled Geospatial Intelligence Solutions”

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have revolutionized the way we analyze and visualize data related to our physical world. With GIS technology, we can gain insights that are not possible with traditional data analysis methods. GIS has found widespread applications in business, government, and science. In this blog, we will explore 5 real-world applications of GIS in these domains. 1) Business: Location-Based Marketing Location-based marketing is a technique that uses GIS to target potential customers based on their location. With GIS technology, businesses can analyze data related to customers' locations, preferences, and buying patterns to identify potential markets. This information can be used...

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Satellite-Estimated Soil Moisture Data

Challenges The agricultural sector in the Indian state of Karnataka required information to deliver timely and adequate irrigation.The information was needed at high granularity and at regular intervals, identifying water stress areas.IoT-based sensors only provide soil moisture data on a point scale while data supplied by drones was not economical. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest estimated soil moisture by combining multiple satellite data sources to improve granularity and provide data at regular intervals.Satellite-estimated soil moisture identified water stress areas at the desired scale, enabling stakeholders to make optimal decisions.The data enabled estimates of historical soil moisture data to predict likely crop yield. Value Delivered Reduced water...

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