Data Processing Platform​

Maintain, optimize, and innovate

AI Data Processing & Advanced Analytics Platform


Process data, configure data quality checks, execute in real-time


Extract meaningful data with OCR and handwritten document support


Advance Data analytics as per customer need


Computer vision based object detection and counting solution

Real Time Object Detection & Recognition

Detect, identify and count what matters to your business, in the complexity of real-world situations.

Determine position, movement & orientation of a person

Pose estimation refers to AI vision techniques that detect and track human poses. AI detects human body, hand, facial & foot key-points.

Object counting, localization & classification
Detect objects, inventory, products to ensure product availability, placement and track their locations.

AI Enabled Inspection and Quality Assurance
Classify items and their defects on assembly lines and fixed assets in real-time, and count units to minimize returns.

Data & Document Processing

Templates configuration

Data require cleansing and to ensure that the information contain are proper and useful. To validate data, our solution provide rule configuration where user can add multiple rules and condition that will be applied on the data to identify any exception. It allow user to create different templates for field extraction, manage mapping for fields to be extracted, tags for json and/or XML extraction.

Plus desktop device
Plus laptop device

Document Execution

Once rule configured on the templet configuration module, user can upload and extract information based on the rules. Platform generates out based on the rules and input files. System accept files based on the configuration. Once file uploaded, system will run all the configured rules and validation to check any exception. On successful execution of the file, system will generate exception report which user can access it from output module

Exceptions Identification

On successful execution of the rules and validation  module, system will provide detail exception reporting. It will summarize all the data part which are not matching with the rules and validation configured in the system. All the errors including, system errors, validation errors and Regex errors can be viewed and downloaded from here.  System also provide option of data export in different format.

Plus desktop device
Plus laptop device


System generate different reports where user can see past data run and exception. User can access this reports using reporting module. It allow user to recheck and download the information as and when required. Organisation specific customised reporting can be added to match the any additional requirement.

Why People choose us!

Key Capabilities

Our data platform helps you aggregate and analyze your organization’s data. You’ll have all the information you need to mitigate risk and identify revenue opportunities.

Control your content with document search and indexing, categorization, and duplication detection.

Automatically pull structured information from text-based sources for analysis, search, and categorization.

Configure our platform to pull or push data from the most popular data sources on the public cloud, private cloud/in premises infra.

Capture meaning and themes in text collections, and apply advanced analytics such as optimization and forecasting

Create automatic translations of text or speech between a range of different languages.

Create automatic translations of text or speech between a range of different languages.

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