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Traffic Data Collection and Analysis in Turkey

Challenges A client in Turkey wanted to collect hourly traffic details on specific congested routes in the country.Route start and end points had invalid addresses.There was no automatic way to capture traffic data. Data entry would be time-consuming and laborious, and negatively impact analysis. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest developed a desktop application to replace manual entry and automate data collection with the required parameters for analysis.Invalidated all previously used incorrect addresses.Automatically generated reports to visualize traffic data.Created configurable options to add new routes for congestion tracking. Value Delivered Completely replaced manual data collection and analysis with fully automated system for generating data and reports.Reduced the...

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Digitalization of Healthcare Documents

Challenges A healthcare organization wanted to arrange, digitalise, and organise documents dating back to 1980. The information was highly confidential. Documents needed to be categorised under various categories, such as radiation planning details, IMRT details, and doctor notes. Time was limited but the project required complete complete accuracy. Xpertnest’s Solutions Prepared an experienced team of medical and non-medical staff. Classified, stamped, and arranged old documents in a prepared sequence, and according to medical category. Tested digitalisation quality and uploaded documents to server. Entered document into ERP system. Value Delivered Enabled remote data access to documents through Hospital ERP system. Digitalized data...

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An ERP solution for Leading Hospital Chains in US and India

Challenges A major hospital chain in the US and India wanted to create a paperless environment to improve staff efficiency and patient care.The chain used too many manual processes for easy automation.Each department had its own IT system, with unique payment processes across departments and no centralised data for reporting and analysis.Delays in manual file handling was causing patient dissatisfaction. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest consultants provided recommendations for improvement across 12 healthcare departments.Introduced a help desk for more efficient registration.Implemented a digital queuing system, and digitized patient records and medical history.Created a system for digital medical note-taking for doctors and nurses.  Introduced digital reports Introduced...

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Data Analysis and Visualization of Prisoner Data for an African country

Challenges An African government lacked real-time data analytics of prisoner registration.Data was available locally but was not centralized or in a standard format.The government wanted analytics and reports available on devices including PC, laptop, and mobile. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest produced a variety of reports and analysis with interactive charts.The government was able to see prison population changes, and monthly registrations by gender, age, religion, and offences. Value Delivered The ability to analyse trends and patterns in prisoner and criminal registration.Insight into geographical prisoner origin and regional criminal activities.Universal access using a cloud-based system available on mobile applications.

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Prison Management Solution for an African Country

Challenges An African country wanted to develop a cloud-based prison management solution.A mobile application would be needed to view prisoner details.The system should capture details including personal information, ATP, and prison transfer history.Reports and analytics needed to be produced based on details entered.Prisoner details were in different data formats and in a non-integrated system. Xpertnest’s Solutions Developed a high security, cloud-based prison management system allowing officers to input prisoner details .Implemented full biometric data capture, including 10 rolling fingerprints, IRIS capture, and photo IDs.Added fingerprint and IRIS matching, and facial recognition to easily identify criminals from existing database.Captured all convict's legal and...

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Credit Appraisal Solution for a Swiss Finance Company

Challenges Staff at a Swiss finance company had to manually synchronize information to complete a credit appraisal form. The process was time-consuming and laborious.The company’s data structure was decentralized.The goal was reduce the workload for the credit appraisal team. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest developed a Web-based solution to reduce the time needed to calculate credit appraisals and reply to customers.The credit appraisal tool provided immediate lead verification, assessed the client’s financial stability, and determined whether they met the minimum credit criteria.Created a platform for customers to see their eligibility for credit, and the maximum credit available. omer enters financial details The system provides lead verification,...

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