An ERP solution for Leading Hospital Chains in US and India


  • A major hospital chain in the US and India wanted to create a paperless environment to improve staff efficiency and patient care.
  • The chain used too many manual processes for easy automation.
  • Each department had its own IT system, with unique payment processes across departments and no centralised data for reporting and analysis.
  • Delays in manual file handling was causing patient dissatisfaction.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Xpertnest consultants provided recommendations for improvement across 12 healthcare departments.
  • Introduced a help desk for more efficient registration.
  • Implemented a digital queuing system, and digitized patient records and medical history.
  • Created a system for digital medical note-taking for doctors and nurses.
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Introduced digital reports

Introduced a help desk for registration form completion and removed hard copies

Created a cashless transaction system

Implemented a digital queuing system and deployed Web-based patient details for universal access

Digitalized patient medical history and patient information

Implemented digital notetaking for doctors and nurses.

Created e-prescriptions

Value Delivered

  • Reduced manual activities by 35%, saving more than 50% of doctor’s time.
  • Reduced costs by 40%.
  • Made the process more patient-centric and less management-centric.
  • Reduced use of resources in treatment and service provision.

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