AMS Support for Resource Planning at a Major Healthcare Organization

Challenges A major healthcare organization wanted Application Management Support (AMS) for its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.More than 200 users use and update the system simultaneously.Patient medical records and financial details needed to be kept in a secure, centralized server.The AMS needed customized modifications and upgrades. Xpertnest’s Solutions An off-site team managed the application, providing root-cause and performance analyses.A new function enabled the client to improve reporting to third-parties such as insurance companies, corporate clients, and government departments.Defined a back-up strategy to ensure security. Value Delivered Reduced instances of technical issues during maintenance.Saved costs with improved reporting.Achieved lowest third-party dispute rate.Defined a strategy for...

Digitalization of Healthcare Documents

Challenges A healthcare organization wanted to arrange, digitalise, and organise documents dating back to 1980. The information was highly confidential. Documents needed to be categorised under various categories, such as radiation planning details, IMRT details, and doctor notes. Time was limited but the project required complete complete accuracy. Xpertnest’s Solutions Prepared an experienced team of medical and non-medical staff. Classified, stamped, and arranged old documents in a prepared sequence, and according to medical category. Tested digitalisation quality and uploaded documents to server. Entered document into ERP system. Value Delivered Enabled remote data access to documents through Hospital ERP system. Digitalized data...

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