Prison Management Solution for an African Country


  • An African country wanted to develop a cloud-based prison management solution.
  • A mobile application would be needed to view prisoner details.
  • The system should capture details including personal information, ATP, and prison transfer history.
  • Reports and analytics needed to be produced based on details entered.
  • Prisoner details were in different data formats and in a non-integrated system.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Developed a high security, cloud-based prison management system allowing officers to input prisoner details .
  • Implemented full biometric data capture, including 10 rolling fingerprints, IRIS capture, and photo IDs.
  • Added fingerprint and IRIS matching, and facial recognition to easily identify criminals from existing database.
  • Captured all convict’s legal and criminal history.
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Value Delivered

  • Enabled universal access to information on any device including mobile applications.
  • Made available online all information previously stored in hard copy files.
  • Enabled management to generate detailed analysis at the click of a button.

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