Augmented Reality Solution for Telecom Field Engineers in the UK


  • Field engineers struggle to find installed devices that are underground or hidden behind trees or other installations.
  • A company in the UK wanted to identify the location of installed network assets and easily review the history of installations and fixes.
  • No prepared solution was available.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Xpertnest created an AR solution that allowed engineers to open a function or app and, using the location, augment the network onto the screen. The app overlaid and labelled infrastructure on the screen.
  • The solution displayed associated routing detail for each node, such as serving Splitter IDs and spare CBT ports, and highlighted nodes on their route.
  • The engineer could flip to OS maps to see a birds-eye view of the network with details available on tap.
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Value Delivered

  • Enabled engineers to identify the correct routes.
  • Improved engineering efficiency by displaying all installed devices as a birds-eye view with the ability to switch to an augmented reality view when the field engineer is on site.

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