Xpertnest’s Value-Driven Application Management Support: Maintaining, Optimizing, and Innovating Your Business

Application management support (AMS) is a crucial aspect of any IT system that involves managing applications through their lifecycle, including maintenance, optimization, and innovation. At Xpertnest, we offer a value-driven approach to AMS, ensuring that our clients get the best possible support and performance for their applications. In this blog, we will explore the key features of our AMS strategy and the different engagement models we offer.

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Setting The Mission: Strategy and Goals :

The first step in our AMS strategy is setting the mission for our clients’ applications. This involves defining the goals that provide the direction for all other elements. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and define the objectives that their applications need to achieve. This helps us align our AMS services to meet their specific requirements.

Sustainable Value: Management and Performance :

At Xpertnest, we believe in delivering sustainable value to our clients. Our AMS services cover the full suite of application management, including maintenance, optimization, and innovation. We constantly benchmark performance, make improvements, and reduce management costs. This ensures that our clients’ applications perform at their best, delivering the highest possible value.

Continuous Improvement: Benchmarking and Governance :

Continuous improvement is a key element of our AMS strategy. We constantly check performance and make improvements, enhancing applications and reducing management costs. We also develop and implement actionable risk mitigation strategies, monitor metrics, and strike the right balance between high performance and minimal risk.

24/7 Service: Service Desk and Support :

We understand that our clients’ applications need to be up and running 24/7. That’s why our help desk is open 24/7, ensuring a guaranteed, immediate response to any critical issues. Our experienced team of AMS professionals co-ordinates closely with our clients’ businesses to manage and monitor their applications, respond to problems, and quickly resolve issues.

AMS Implementation: Lifecycle and Profiling :

Xpertnest provides full lifecycle AMS, covering the entire process from upfront advisory services through application optimization and innovation. We help our clients define their AMS strategy to support their business, set the goals for their applications, select the tools and software for their needs, and design the infrastructure to optimize performance. We also profile the application to determine the support our clients need and help manage change.

Engagement Models: Four Service Options :

We offer four different engagement models to meet the objectives, capabilities, and requirements of our clients.

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Resourcing Support Model:

Xpertnest provides skilled resources, and the client manages the application as per their work schedule. This model is suitable for businesses with changing requirements and undefined tasks where adhoc activities are required. The fee structure is fixed fees based on resources needed.

Joint Management Model:

The Xpertnest team works with the client to define the scope of an AMS structure with joint responsibility. This model is suitable for businesses that want to outsource non-strategic application management. The fee structure is fixed fees based on services with defined scope.

Managed Outsourcing Model:

Xpertnest is responsible for defined deliverables in collaboration with the client to manage work. This model is suitable for businesses that want to offload some AMS responsibility while retaining control over some functions. The fee structure is SLA-based fees.

Complete Outsourcing Model:

Xpertnest assumes full responsibility for application management. Client intervention is minimal. This model is suitable for businesses that want to entirely offload AMS responsibility and know that their applications are always optimized. The fee structure is defined fees with incentives for driven value.

In conclusion,

Xpertnest’s value-driven AMS strategy ensures that our clients’ applications are always performing at their best, delivering the highest possible value. We offer a range of engagement models to meet our clients’ specific requirements and ensure that they get the support they need to achieve their business goals. Contact us

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