Vehicle Number Plate Recognition for CCTV Vendor


  • A CCTV vendor wanted an algorithm that could recognize vehicle number plates from images, recorded video, and even live video streaming.
  • The algorithm needed to be fast enough to detect numbers from fast-moving vehicles.
  • The program needed to create an automatic entry and exit log for vehicles.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Xpertnest developed a segmentation algorithm to localize number plates from vehicles detected from images, recorded video, and live video.
  • Enhanced the number plate to apply thresholding and character segmentation.
  • Applied an Optical Character Recognition(OCR) algorithm to recognize numbers on the number plate.

Value Delivered

  • The vendor could promote the system for maintaining vehicle records, detecting rules violations, generating penalties for violations, and collecting tolls and parking fees, and more.
  • Increased revenue generation through the auto-detection of rules violation.
  • Improved security by stopping trespassers at entry gates.

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