Cashew Grading Automation in India


  • A cashew producer in India wanted to use image processing to automatically detect cashew grades based on size and remove low quality cashews.
  • The company would need new hardware with a camera interface and a unique algorithm.
  • The hardware would need to process 10 cashews/second, bringing a single cashew into a camera frame at a time.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Designed a conveyer belt to deliver individual cashews to the camera, making processing and algorithm implementation easier and faster.
  • Designed and developed an FPGA-based board to implement the algorithm and enable the high frame rate to process 10 cashews/second.
  • Enabled continuous improvement with an optimised algorithm and better camera module.
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Machine Learning enables independent grading of cashews

Cashew enters conveyer bel

Cashew travels down conveyor belt

FPGA-based algorithm checks cashew quality

Grading decision made

Cashew sent to suitable container based on grade

Value Delivered

  • Increased the accuracy and efficiency of cashew grading.
  • Increased revenues by enabling company to sell more cashews with high quality grading.
  • Reduced manual labor costs through automation.

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