Text Detection and Recognition from Advertisements


  • A company needed to detect and recognize characters and numbers in the text of advertisements.
  • To save server space, extracted information needed to be uploaded as text instead of as images.
  • Detecting characters and numbers in different fonts and on a non-uniform background is particularly difficult.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Developed a segmentation algorithm to localize text.
  • Trained a machine learning model to detect text from images.
  • Built an Android application to access a video stream from a server or capture an image, apply text detection and recognition, and upload text data to the server.
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Image processing of live video

Identifying text from live video

Recognize characters and understand meaning

Store information on server

Generate analytics of the words in the advertisement

Value Delivered

  • Saved server space.
  • Measured the effectiveness of advertisements on billboards and television.
  • Saved time spent analyzing the advertisements manually.

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