Image Stitching for a United States-Based Company


  • A US company needed to stitch together microscopic images for deployment on an Android application.
  • The images had uniform backgrounds and to some extent a uniform foreground too, requiring a robust algorithm to detect edges and stitch connections.

Xpertnest’s Solutions

  • Xpertnest developed an automated microscope that generated a grid of partially overlapping images.
  • Created an algorithm that could match the features of neighbouring images whether rotated, scaled, or translated.
  • Used the algorithm to stitch hundreds of overlapped image tiles to create a mosaic image
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Compute the translation of neighboring images

Estimate image overlap and computer camera angle

Replace computed translation with high uncertainty with estimated median value

Optimize all translations

Assemble stitched image using minimum spanning tree

Value Delivered

  • The application conducted time-lapse studies of cell cultures.
  • Differently exposed images were transformed into a single exposure image, improving visual analysis.
  • Image stitching can be carried out using desktop or a mobile application.

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