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Chintan Panara

Co–Founder and Executive Director
Technology and Strategy

Chintan is Founder, Entrepreneur and still techie at heart. Chintan has over 20 years of experience successfully delivering large multi-million-pound programs of work within both the private and Public Sector. It is fascinating to see how team under him have managed to improve the life of people company serve with technology in a very short amount of time.

Chintan has always been on the lookout for new and unconventional business ideas that disrupt existing markets. Armed with an adventurous attitude and a forward-thinking nature, he is all about exploring new and emerging technology, and conceiving new products before anyone else does.

He has driven many innovative projects within the company. Explored the potential in combining data analysis with satellite imagery to help farmers improve their outputs. Re-imagined how cities could function more efficiently with smart technology and artificial intelligence. Demonstrated the way that augmented reality and virtual reality could improve design and create new, immersive environments. Recognized the need to find materials that could replace the use of plastic, and saw the importance of constructing affordable homes to help build thriving sustainable communities.

Arun Kar

Co–Founder and Executive Director
New Business and Strategy

Arun is a Global Leadership Cadre professional who promotes a collaborative, multi-discipline approach that brings technology solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Equally comfortable working with the most senior decision-makers in Tier 1 companies whilst at the same time innovating with young entrepreneurs driving new ventures, Arun believes in technologies fundamental ability to lift civilization to new heights and achievements. A Military Veteran and now Founder & Chief Executive of Multinational Digital & Technology Innovation companies in Information Technology & Environment Sustainability sectors; Arun has created multi-million pounds businesses in the United Kingdom, Europe and India. Arun is also an official member of the Forbes Business Council.

Dave Reynolds

Executive Director (Ex- CIO, British Telecom)
Telecom, Utilities and Enterprise Business

As the former Chief Information Officer(CIO) of BT Global Services, Dave is an innovative and analytical business transformation expert. With thirty years of experience, he has unrivalled expertise in complex large system integration, and specialist knowledge of online and sales systems, data modelling, and cyber security. Dave designs and oversees the implementation of IT strategies to enhance businesses, increase productivity, and improve performance.

Pradip Butani

Co–Founder and Executive Director
Finance and Operations
With 10+ years of experience, Pradip specializes in service delivery, operations, and process management in the finance and IT sectors. His expertise includes Finance, taxation and management consultancy. Key tasks managed by Pradip are reviewing and enhancing internal processes, managing deliverables, quality check on the deliverables and improving internal control and grow organizations. His leadership of client projects have increased productivity, reduced waste and delivered results. Pradip is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India.

David Morgan

Executive Director, Public Sector

David oversees the implementation of smart data solutions for both public and private projects. His background is in multi-disciplinary engineering and building design and he has experience in managing more than £400 million in sustainable cities and PPP investment. David is also the co-CEO of SmartKlub and Chairman of Cedar Professional Services.

Akhil Lalwani

Non-Executive Director & Advisor
Data Services

Akhil is currently the Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Convex, an international speciality insurer and reinsurer based in London. He has been awarded patents for his innovative use of technology and has worked with Law Enforcement Agencies Globally to Prevent & Disrupt Cybercrime. He is an experienced data and technology leader working in insurance, Banking and Telecom focussed on transformation, driving digital disruption and innovation. Before joining Convex, he was the Head of Data Platform at Prudential and performed global leadership roles at Barclays. His areas of expertise include business strategy, information security, creating a data-first culture and building products.

Girish Belur

Executive Director, Tax Technology

Girish Belur is the CEO of CAG Consulting LTD, a renowned expert in the industry with more than 30 years of finance and tax system integration experience. He's worked for major firms like Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Thomson Reuters. Girish is sought after for his rare combination of skills; he is a qualified cost accountant, has extensive knowledge on tax compliance, and is a functional expert in finance systems like Oracle and SAP. He is well-known in international markets, particularly in Europe, the US, Middle East and North Africas.

Susmit Nayak

Executive Director, Digital Transformation

Susmit is a technology leader with more than two decades of experience in digital transformation, change management, innovation, and the development and delivery of high-quality software. Susmit holds an MBA from CASS Business School, and has delivered multi-million-pound projects in locations across the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has worked with firms in insurance, earth observation, supply chain management, data warehousing, asset monitoring, and banking, including G4S, Pepsico, O2, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas Bank, and the public sector.

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Pradip Butani

Pradip Butani

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