Technological Expertise

Xpertnest is a technology company. Our expertise in fields from satellite imagery and Big Data to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality help enterprises, companies, and organizations implement new and innovative solutions.

Satellite Imagery

At Xpertnest, we use the latest optical, thermal, and SAR satellite imagery to track water usage and monitor agriculture. Our AI algorithms identify leaks and generate accurate phenotyping for farmers.

Big Data

Xpertnest uses a range of data tools, including temporal, statistical, hierarchical, and relationship visualization to extract usable intelligence from raw information. Our technology collects and interprets Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms enable businesses to spot patterns, make predictions, produce efficiencies, and find opportunities for growth. They make businesses smarter.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality tools can all create a new level of user experience. From manufacturing and media through retail and real estate, Xpertnest delivers effective VR, AR, and MR solutions.

Agile Development

Product development requires efficient processes and a clear workflow. Our experts help businesses design and implement agile solutions, enabling enterprises and organizations to efficiently turn ideas into products.

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