Turn Modern Cities Into Smart Cities

Xpertnest provides end-to-end, smart city solutions in the areas of energy, transport, water management, telecoms, recycling, farming, home automation, healthcare, and more. We use data and technology to make urban areas work better.

Our expertise in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and IoT, and our experience in cities across the globe, enable us to tackle any smart city issue. Our executives have worked with 15 authorities in the UK alone, helping them shape their strategy for digital transformation.

Our clients receive a blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking that help them define a technology plan to improve their residents’ lives.

Our Smart City Expertise

Technical Work

We design technical plans, develop applications for urban systems, and integrate smart city platforms. We turn your priorities into programs that improve your city.


We provide consultancy services to help cities and organisations develop business models, partnership models, and program designs

Artificial Intelligence

Through enhanced image and video processing, augmented and virtual reality, and Deep Learning and data analytics, we produce smarter, more responsive city infrastructure


Smart cities are also secure cities. At Xpertnest, we have experience at meeting the highest governance standards and ensuring that city infrastructure is safe and data is secure.

Global Experience

We've worked with cities around the world, including in India, China, and the UK. We've tackled some of the globe's biggest urban challenges, from gridlock to monitoring green spaces.


Our broad experience has given us a wide network of global partners with access to proven ideas and the latest Smart City technologies.

Reduce Traffic Congestion

Xpertnest designs customized, Smart City solutions that suit local conditions. From controlling access to urban centres to micromanaging traffic control, and from sensor-based signals to AI-powered data analysis, our strategies aim to reduce the need for traffic and minimize congestion. We enhance existing infrastructure with location-specific solutions such as virtual bus lanes and sensors to reduce urban congestion. Our AI-powered software processes data from connected vehicles to manage traffic flows and improve travel.

Turn Old Homes Into Smart Homes

Xpertnest’s innovative solutions equip old houses with smart home automation solutions. We put circuitry behind existing faceplates and turn existing sockets and switches into smart ones. Our AI- and IOT-driven Smart Home uses software, hardware, and firmware to enable remote monitoring of home appliances for energy saving and enhanced security.

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