Benefit Of RPA


Cost Effective



Risk managment

Risk Managment


Flexibility and Scalability

RPA Use Cases in Banking

Retail banking

  • Checking/deposit
  • KYC/Compliance
  • EBPP
  • Credit Check
  • Fraud detection
  • Loan organisation
  • Mortgage / Equity / Loans
  • Credit card : organisation, dispute management, dual branding, rewards

Wealth Management

  • Private client SMA account opening
  • Fund Performance dashboard
  • NAV Position
  • Advisor Portal
  • 3rd party performance and reporting
  • Fund accounting

Capital Market

  • Prime brokerage dashboard
  • Hedge Fund Customer portal
  • Portfolio Management integration
  • Reconciliation
  • Trade processing – Pre & Post
  • Cash forecasting
  • Investment banker portal
  • Margin / exception alerts

RPA in Insurance

Claim Management

  • Claim Registration
  •  Claim Workflow automation
  • Claim Assessment
  • Recommendation
  • Requirement Management

Policy Administration

  • New Business Application
  • Underwritting
  •  Payment Processing
  • Policy Insurance

Billing and accounting management

  • Payments Management
  • Collection
  • Direct Billing
  • Compliance reporting
  • Agency & Agent / Broker Billing
  • Statements
  • Regulatory Reporting

Automation candidate processes in Telecom


Our Health care Solution provides powerful analysis on patient data.

CRM Support & Readiness

 RM&O Support & Readiness

Workforce Management



Solution is designed focusing on the patient-doctor relationship.

Order Handling


Service Configuration & Activation

Resource Provisioning

Resource Data Collection & Distribution

S/P Requisition Management


S/P Interface Management

Customer Interface Management

Problem Handling

Customer QoS/SLA Management

Retention & Loyalty

Service Problem Management

Resource Trouble Management

Resource Performance Management

S/P Problem Reporting & Management

S/P Performance Management


Bill Invoice Management

Bill Payments & Receivables Management

Bill Inquiry Handling

Manage Billing Events


Manage Balances

Service Guiding and Mediation

Resource Mediation and Reporting

S/P Settlements & Payments Management

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