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Saving in time.
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Saving in cost.


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Healthcare Data Analytics

Our Health care Solution provides powerful analysis on patient data.

Patient trending, key rush hour analytics, returning patient, Financial analytics.

Resource utilisation and Department wise profitability,

patient serving time, Ideal resources, internal department wise consumption etc..

KPIs can be defined by columns for a visual alert to negative or positive conditions

Patient & Doctor Centric

Solution is designed focusing on the patient-doctor relationship.

Every details of patient can be viewed just by entering patient id or by a barcode scan.

More effective decision-making and care planning.

Patient can schedule appointment for them selves by checking the availability of particular doctor.

Generate statics reports for New Registration, Follow-ups, Financial schemes for different time period.

Appointment scheduling to maximize the use of working hours of doctors and optimize daily patient flow.

At time of registration, patient can be classified based on different categories that will consider different charges applicable for particular category.

Decentralized Finance

Cashless Transaction facility available.Charges collection on the basis of treatment.

Automatically apply charges based on patient’s category selected at time of Registration.

User can incorporate and manage different prices for financial schemes/third party pricelist.

As well as insurance price list , government scheme pricelist, third party organisation price list.

Easily generate reports for any given time period.

Organization wide financial reporting

Revenue Management & Reimbursement

Patient and Donor account management for cash deposit, payables, transactions and refund.

Detailed funding information tracking for multiple third-party (schemes) and private-pay sources

Easy to use OPD

Configurable protocols based on Health Parameters

Continuous monitoring and comparison with past results of different medical parameters.

Pre-configured prescriptions for doctors to quickly provide list of medicines with just a click.

Pre-configured protocols such as list of tests to be performed before an operation .

Pre-configured protocols for list of items to be purchased from pharmacy before operation.

Statistics of general OPD, Dental, Gynecology and Head & Neck.

Pathology with Configuration & Analytics

Configurable report templets list outs parameters, User is required to feed in the values only.

Built-in templates for common parameters for particular Test Reports

Prompts users for any invalid, missing or unusual information.

Enable queuing with bird-eye view of patients waiting at different stage of process.

Formula based parameter calculations.

Real time flag-in for unusual values/results for any parameter.

Collect statistics based on report, Parameter and time-period as per status of report (Sample collected, Communicated, Completed by Technician/Saved)

Integrated Pharmacy with multiple unit

Verification of medications and dosages for accurate dispensing based on pre-defined protocols.

Ability to configure custom protocols for chemo or for other medical treatments.

Automatic alerts for potentially dangerous drug interactions.

Compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations while purchasing and selling.

Cost and time efficiencies – Pre-listed drugs and medicines based on prescription, requisition or pre-defined precautionary criteria while billing.

Indoor with Configurable Ward, Protocol, Medical order

Configurable bed and ward management.

Key Patient Care Parameters:

  • Medical Order and Medication times
  • Flags, Alerts, Precautions
  • Level of care
  • Observation notes
  • Drug-Allergy and Drug-Drug interaction checking
  • Alerts for giving medications off schedule
  • “Single-Click” Administration for scheduled medications
  • Overdue medication alerts and Automatic sorting of PRN medications

Status and availability of a Bed in a particular ward is accessed and assigned accordingly.

Advance duty scheduling with in-built day-care facility for particular Patient and manage noting charts .

Effective & customized reporting – Create reports for IPD Admission, IPD Discharge, Bed Occupancy, Ward occupancy and Ward admission.

Complete Admin control

User access rights management – Defined functionalities for particular position or role

Human Resource management – Shift arrangement/Scheduling Duties, access control

Analyze crowed/traffic and decision making

Single day operation summary

Master data Configurations: Basic details for different modules can be easily incorporated.

Approval Configuration: Decision making process default approval process can be customized.

Operational Monitoring

Clean and clutter free UI for senior management for better decision making.

Senior management get reports on human resource utilization, revenue generated from each department, etc.

Centralized data supports all modules, which allows authorized users to access real-time data, and promotes proactive decision-making and trend analysis

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