From the Founders
"More than the technology, it’s the impact that we make on lives across the globe that matters to us most"

Chintan Panara ( Co-Founder)

"Innovation is not technology. Innovation is utility."

Arun Kar (Co- Founder)

About Us

If we take a pause out of our busy life, and generously give a look around, we would notice how much we’ve progressed as human beings in term of technology. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are painting a picture of sci-fi fiction novel- driverless cars, handsfree devices, communicating home appliances, automatic street traffic regulators, drone capturing images of crop fields, and the list goes on. All of this did not just appear over night. It’s the result of innovative minds that spent a part of their life calculating and shaping the future for us- humans.

Armed with most cutting-edge technologies to create ground-breaking solutions across industries, Xpertnest is dedicated to build smarter systems that create a more intelligent world for mankind. The leadership at Xpertnest perceives the world as various segregated micro systems waiting to be transformed into one larger eco system that is striving together. While at a constant quest to bring innovation, Xpertnest looks towards nature as the source of all solutions that are simple, intuitive, and beneficial.

We believe in being innovators who are ever-evolving. Xpertnest create, innovate and implement technologies that make a positive and real difference. In keeping with the habit for disruption.

At Xpertnest, the team bring ‘together’ technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, IoT, complex solution development combined with advanced data & video analytics to go one step beyond - predicting trends and further optimizing processes to provide more value. From manufacturing to law enforcement, telecom to transport, automobile to agriculture, smart cities to banking, healthcare or utilities, App development to system integration, Xpertnest is making a better world.

Using the building blocks of integrated technologies, Xpertnest offers businesses universally the chance to be part of a global shift towards a more connected world. This creates an urge to drive deeper engagement with our partners, both in the real and digital spaces.

They say - We believe, together we can make a difference!!