From the Founders
"More than the technology, it’s the impact that we make on lives across the globe that matters to us most"

Chintan Panara ( Co-Founder)

"Innovation is not technology. Innovation is utility."

Arun Kar (Co- Founder)

Who We Are

Xpertnest is a technology company that brings the benefits of digitalization to the places they’re needed most. In digitalization, we see an opportunity for the world to level up. Farmers can increase their harvests. Cities can reduce congestion. Homes can use less energy. Healthcare centres can treat more patients. Enterprises can create more efficient workflows and small businesses can automate processes, saving costs and developing deeper engagement with customers.

The methods to achieve all of those outcomes are now well-established. With software and Big Data, we have the means to extract more from our efforts, to acquire greater understanding, and to achieve greater accomplishments.

We’ve brought together a team of experts with leadership experience in fields ranging though Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Deep Learning, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, product development, and data analysis. We work with telecoms companies and utilities, agricultural firms and farmers, the automobile and transport industries, cities and homes, healthcare centres and financial institutions to build connections, deepen knowledge, and improve results. Ask us what we can do for you.

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