Artificial Intelligence - Disruption Ahead

Machine & Deep Learning

Developing Machine Learning Solutions to detect pattern and save the human efforts.

Interconnected modules run mathematical models that are continuously tuned based on results from processing a large number of inputs.

Predictive Analyses

By evaluate patter and machine learning solution can be developed to provide predictive analyses.


Software robots, or “bots,” can perform routine business processes by mimicking the ways in which people interact with software applications.

Advance Analytics

Real time Information can be extracted and advance analytics can be generated by using AI


Text Image Processing (Number Plate/ Handwritten Character /Optical Character Recognition/ Intelligent Character Recognition)

Gesture Recognition

By using mathematical algorithms Human gesture can be explained to machine, and Machine can be operated by using different gesture

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Engine understands written text the way humans do. It can also manipulate that text in sophisticated ways like identifying the place in document.

Image & Video Processing

SComputer vision technology uses sequences of imaging-processing operations and other techniques to break the task of analyzing images down into manageable pieces. It can be used to identify people and many other thing

Image/Video Processing and Machine Learning

Frameworks & Capabilities

Human Detection

For development of systems like Face Recognition and Gesture Recognition which uses human or its sub-part, human detection algorithm is used as base.

  • For detecting human in prohibited areas.
  • For counting number of persons in a given area

Fingerprint matching & Facial Recognition

Fingerprint & Face recognition system provide 1:1 and 1:N matching to detect human and recognize and confirm identity from many records.

  • In surveillance of suspects or criminals
  • In providing limited access to persons on certain premises or objects.
  • Attendance system

Grid based Image Stitching

An automated microscope acquires images by generating grid of partially overlapping images. This process generates hundreds to hundreds of thousands images tiles that needs to be stitched into an huge image to carry out time-lapsed studies of cell cultures.

Image Processing Module Pipeline

We have developed complete chain of processing pipeline on FPGA .

  • RG2YCBCR , RGB2HSV & YCBCR (444/422/411)
  • HDR & Tone mapping
  • Color correction
  • Gamma Correction and Stereo Image Disparity

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR system detects numbers from vehicle’s number plate and recognize characters using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Maintaining records of vehicles & Tracking vehicles
  • Rule violations detection & Penalty bills generation
  • Auto Toll collection & Parking fees collection
  • And many more…

Vehicle Detection & Tracking

Detection of vehicles in images represents an important step towards achieving automated roadway monitoring capabilities.

It can be used for:

  • Monitoring vehicle activities in parking lots.
  • Pre-processing for ANPR
  • Identifying particular vehicle
  • Count number of vehicles in given area.

Text Extraction & Recognition

Text data present in images and video contain certain useful information for automatic annotation, indexing, and structuring of images.


  • Banking: Process cheques without human involvement.
  • Healthcare
  • Education: Calculation of marks from OCR answer sheets.

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