Plant Phenotyping

AgriX delivers solutions for all of phenotyping’s biggest challenges to give agricultural producers a scientific understanding of their crops.

Data Analysis
Our algorithms analyze huge datasets to generate clear, actionable insights.
Field Phenotyping
Image processing of satellite and airborne data produces accurate field phenotyping.
Automated Detection
Automated processes for ear detection and input application saves time.
Cost-Effective Management
Reduce losses to disease and pests, and maximize agricultural outputs.
Efficient Processing
AgriX makes plant phenotyping efficient and effective.

Putting Technology to Work on the Farm

AgriX brings state-of-the-art technology to rural producers, delivering key agricultural benefits.

Solutions based on AI, machine learning, and Big Data
Smart processes for precision farming
Rapid disease identification
Advanced phenotyping data analysis
Field and farm image capture
Yield measurement and analysis

Complete Detection, Rapid Action

Automated ear detection at various development stages
Accurate estimates of plant productive stage
Automatic application of fertilizer and pesticides
Identification of major changes in plant phenology
Recommended solutions based on ear detection and counting

AgriX — The Best in the Field

Only AgriX delivers the best high-tech data solution to wheat and rice growers around the world.

Key FocusPhenotyping facilities, government industries & Indian farmersBrazilian & Ukrainian farmersBanking, insurance, and other IndustriesFarmers & corporationsFarmers
Crop TypesWheat & RiceSugarcane & soybeanNot specifiedNot specifiedCotton
*Hyperspectral TechnologyYesYesNoNoNo
**Precision farming toolYesYesNoNoYes
Funding RaisedIn Process$ 7.4MInformation not available$ 12 M$ 2 M
Land & Irrigation advisoryAutomated with image processingAutomated with image processingNoManual with field agentYes
***Crop planningYesYesNoNoNo
Big Data AnalysisYesYesNoYesNo
* An advanced technology for plant monitoring and yield prediction, including IR and NIR image processing.
** Functions as a hub for other precision farming applications.
*** Crop planning based on land and value of possible crop for maximum financial return.