Key issue in Plant Phenotyping

Data Analysis
Huge datasets makes it difficult to analyze
Field Phenotyping
Biggest challenges as per Survey 2016 IPPN
Highly Manual
Features extraction is very time incentive
Require costly setup & advance programs
Low Throughput
Manual tasks in measuring plant data

Key Benefit - Technology tranfer from Lab to Farm


Key Differentiator - Competitior Mapping

Key Focus Phenotyping facility,Govt,Industries & Indian Rural Farmer Brazil & Ukraine farmer Banking & Insurance Co & Other Industries Farmer(Contract Farmer)&Industries Rural Farmer
Type Of Crop Wheat & Rice Sugarcane & soybean Not specified Not specified Cotton
*Hyperspectral Technology Yes Yes No No No
#Precision farming tool Yes Yes No No Yes
Fund Raised In Process $ 7.4M Information not available $ 12 M $ 2 M
Land & Irrigation advisory Yes-Automated with image processing Yes-Automated with image processing No yes-Manual with field agent Yes
% Crop planning Yes Yes No No No
Big Data analyes capabilities Yes Yes No Yes No
* Is solution use advance technology for plant monitoring and yield prediction like hyperspectral, IR and NIR image processing.
# Is proposed solution will work as a brain for other precision farming application.
%Crop planning with the consultation on land & Price of possible farm crop. Solution suggestion for best financial reward.