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Automated Fruit Blemish Detection and Sorting Automation for a Spanish Agricultural Firm

Challenges A Spanish agricultural company wanted to be able to automatically detect grades for oranges using image processing to identify colour.The company needed unique hardware using a camera interface logic to run a sorting algorithm.The system needed to bring individual oranges into the frames of multiple cameras at the same time.Having graded each orange, the system would need to send the fruit to its respective container. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest developed a conveyer belt system to bring the oranges into frame.Designed and developed a processor to implement a sorting algorithm.The algorithm detected blemishes and differentiated between yellow and green skin.Enabled the possibility of...

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Waterflow Control Using Remote Temperature and Moisture Sensors for a US-Based Agriculture Client

Challenges A US-based client wanted an Android app to collect farm data and automatically manage a water supply.Hardware needed to communicate with remote temperature and moisture sensors.An algorithm needed to automatically detect and analyse environmental temperature and moisture data. Xpertnest’s Solutions Xpertnest created a central hardware system that communicated with four points: RF sensors; pumps; an app; and a cloud server.A system allowed RF sensors to inform the central hardware but also communicated directly with RF sensing pumps.A custom-built app enabled universal monitoring and data access. Value Delivered Increase crop productivity and raised revenue.Reduced water and electricity usage, increasing conservation, lowering costs, and creating...

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27-Nov-19, Wednesday

Great meeting between Mr Anshuman Tiwari (Editor, India Today Group) & Mr Chintan Panara(Co- Founder, Xpertnest); productive discussion on the role of Xpertnest in the UK & India for delivering "Sustainable Smart Cities" - as part of International Trade; and by what means Xpertnest can inspire next generation young talents to realize the notion of "Sustainable Smart Cities" and the citizens.

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